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New Age CD Reviews By Diane Garris
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Cupid Blindfolded
By Michael Whalen
Label: Real Music
Released 7/12/2019
Cupid Blindfolded tracks
1. Cupid Blindfolded
2. All of My Heart. All of My Soul.
3. Reflection of My Affection
4. Sunrise in the Desert
5. The Muse
6. At the touch of a Lover
7. Standing in the Rain
8. Serendipity
9. Isle of Skye
10. The City of Lights
Cupid Blindfolded Album Review by Dyan Garris
CUPID BLINDFOLDED by Michael Whalen. Album Review by Dyan Garris for Zone Music Reporter and New Age CD
‘Cupid Blindfolded’ is outstanding in every aspect. And you may never look at love in quite the same way as you did before. ‘Bravo,’ Michael Whalen on an extraordinary album.
According to mythology, Cupid, the god of desire and erotic love, was often depicted as blindfolded as well as winged. Too, Cupid took a mortal wife, Psyche. And as a mortal, she was forbidden to look at him. So perhaps there are, after all, a variety of interesting reasons it is often said that love is blind. And, it is also often said that love conquers all, and so let’s surrender to that and open our hearts as we explore the gorgeous 2019 album release from Michael Whalen, “Cupid Blindfolded.”

Recorded at Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road studio by Tom Eaton, it’s important to note this album was recorded all in single takes with no editing and with 6 cameras rolling. Be sure to catch the video about the making of this album. It’s fascinating.

With hundreds of millions of streams to his credit, two Emmy awards, and a career spanning three decades, millions of people have been moved by the music of Michael Whalen. Now, Michael has released a collection of brand-new solo piano pieces on “Cupid Blindfolded.” These 10 heartfelt, engaging tracks are designed to touch you, inspire you, and make a difference in your life. And they do.

Taking us flowing right into the heart space is the expressive, melodic title track, “Cupid Blindfolded.” This romantic feeling piece is ultra-relaxing and calming, and a great open for the album. More than worthy of our full attention and admiration, this is truly and deeply beautiful.

The very authentic feeling “All Of My Heart. All Of My Soul.” follows. It’s graceful and tender. I love the movement in “Reflection Of My Affection,” which seems like an outpouring of love directly from one heart to another. It’s a lovely conversation.

“Sunrise In The Desert” begins very softly and quietly, much like a new day dawns. Our imaginations conjure up the soft, cottony pastels of the early morning light. With its elegant melody and effective use of both upper and lower registers of the piano, this is an easy favorite. “The Muse” is creative, twinkling, and inspirational.

One of the great skills that Michael has with his piano playing is perfect pacing. This is palpable in “At The Touch Of A Lover,” which is gentle, delicate, and sensitive. “Standing In The Rain” more than perfectly captures this sentiment, which may speak to one’s tears as well as physical rain. Gorgeous. The enjoyable “Serendipity” feels like it may address divine timing, or “fated chance,” and again we have that perfect pacing here. Isle of Skye in Scotland is famous for its breathtaking scenery and picturesque landscapes, which are effectively communicated in the song, “Isle of Skye.” This is completely captivating.

The album closes out with one of my favorites, “City Of Lights.” Paris, the city for lovers, is known as the “City of Lights.” I love this song for the ending, because an ending is always an opportunity for a new beginning. Here in this song, we can literally feel ourselves standing high above it all, overlooking and contemplating not only a city of lights (Paris or not), but our own lights, our own life, and our own loves. This is outstanding in every aspect. And you may never look at love in quite the same way as you did before.

Bravo, Michael Whalen on an extraordinary album.

Official Artist Website:
Official Michael Whalen Video: The Making of Cupid Blindfolded:

Release Date: July 12, 2019
“Cupid Blindfolded” is available for streaming at everywhere including: Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora. Album available for purchase at Amazon and anywhere CDs are sold.

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Rating: Excellent   Excellent
- reviewed by Dyan Garris on 7/12/2019
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