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Journeyscapes by Candice Michelle
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By Stephen Wallack
Label: Gale Road Records
Released 3/29/2019
Chapters tracks
1. Virginia
2. Oceans
3. Cooper's Song
4. Trains
5. Dad
6. Chicago
7. The Traveler
8. Wedding Song
9. Holiday
10. Archer
Exquisite solo piano!
Stephen Wallack exudes supreme poise and professionalism on the piano, with his exquisite album Chapters seemingly playing out like a sonic diary of nostalgic life experiences and scenic rural travels. Artfully intricate yet accessibly down-to-earth, his expressive compositions flow with continuity like an endless, winding river. If there’s one recent album I’d mostly highly recommend to fans of George Winston, it would be this one!
- reviewed by Candice Michelle on 4/22/2019
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